Do Ideas – A Manifesto on Bringing Your Best Ideas To Life

DoIdeasEbookCoverImage Don Packett is an incredible human being if I ever met one. An incredibly sharp and witty gent, he’s a stand-up comedian and an incredible strategic thinker. And alongside fellow man of awe, Rich Mulholland, co-founded innovation company 21 Tanks, where I got to spend some time working from in 2010. Don’s someone who encompasses nonconformity and creativity for business in everything he does.

Their office is a brilliant example of this as witnessed in the gallery of images from it and their world-breaking record for biggest Game and Watch console as seen below.

Beyond that, he’s the man who introduced me to one of my favourite quotes:

When smart people are faced with an innovation-based problem, it’s never a lack of knowledge that holds them back, it’s perspective.

So it was a no-brainer for me when he got in touch and asked if I’d be keen to author a chapter of his recently released e-book Doing Ideas.



The challenge to us all authors was to share a response to one simple question:

What would you tell your 20 year-old self to help you do ideas and get things done?

Thus focusing all our energy on crafting the most practical advice possible on execution. I wrote the chapter on innovation of which appears below. I’d highly recommend you download a copy of the rest of the book as it includes some real gems of wisdom including:

Colin J Browne – Business Fred Roed – Marketing
Oli Barrett – Social Action Juana Purchase Hatfield – Strategy
Dr Tanya Whitley – Medicine Ken Packett – Engineering
Clive Turner – Aviation Dr Nick Davey – Medicine
Anthony Nathan – Business Motheo Moleko – Entertainment
Mike Stopforth – Marketing Heidi Patmore – Marketing
Nic Haralambous – Mobile Howard Mann – Business
Nancy Duarte – Communication Mandy de Waal – Journalism
John Vlismas – Comedy Justin Spratt – Technology
Ben Saunders – Exploration Mark Keating – Selling
Simon Dingle – Technology Deon Nel – Performance
Hugh MacLeod – Social Objects Mark Kaigwa – Innovation
John F “Rick” Haskins – Aviation Aiden Choles – Narrative
Richard Mulholland – Business Thabang Skwambane – Social Activism
Debbie Turner – Performing Arts Nola Rae – Financial
Peet Bothma – Print Media Christopher Hookins – Technology
Trevor Lovell – Architecture Rob Stokes – Marketing
Craig Rodney – Communication Dr Gareth Nobbs – Medicine
Shaun Edmeston – Banking Aki Anastasiou – Entertainment
Mark de Leiburne – Sponsorship Daniel Hatfield – Development
Don Packett – Perspective

Incredibly good company and the sage wisdom in this e-book means it’s a good referral point for me when it comes to making ideas happen, I hope it will be a good guide to you too. My chapter on innovation appears below:

Live life in “beta” mode.

Get out of the building. Make something and get your inspiration from where

people live and breathe. Strap together the loose, rickety unpolished idea you

have and test it. Don’t fall in love with your ideas. The better you get at this,

the better kind of ideas you’ll have and the stronger your thinking and bias for


The proof is in the proof.

The more vulnerable you make yourself creatively, the stronger your ideas will

be. The better you’ll be able to execute the ideas that are worth it.

Share your ideas.

If someone copies you, well and good, only proves you right and leaves you

room to show the passion and leadership to make something special happen.

The more you give away, the less you love them, the more you succeed.

What are your challenges when it comes to making ideas happen in your personal or professional life? Share in the comments.


Image by Hugh MacLeod
  • Oliver Tambo

    Awesome and inspiring, the greatest challenge to me is facing uncertainty and what the world will say…