Tippexperience 2: The Bear is Back

The Tipp–Ex bear is back for a second time for Tipp Ex’s new interactive YouTube campaign. This time the world is ending, and you can pick any year to travel to. The team behind it, Buzzman agency, have produced 46… Continue Reading

Virgin Radio: Louder is better

Fun work from Buzzman, France for Virgin Radio in France, + extra points for great granny dancing moves.

Bic Razors: Human Curling

Fantastic use of YouTube page takeovers by BUZZMAN, France (Creators of the Tip-Ex YouTube takeover), for the new Bic Flex 3 razor. At the end of the above video you can play a game in YouTube where you can use… Continue Reading

Tipp-Ex: Bear vs hunter

Buzzman, France, have released the above fantastic interactive YouTube video (just play it to go to the custom page). The custom YouTube page allows you to create your own ending as to how the hunter interacts with the bear. So… Continue Reading