An Update: Keynote at re:publica, Speaking and 2012!

Much has been going on since the last update on the blog weeks ago. Here’s a really quick run-down.

Sandbox Summit in Lisbon

Short story: I didn’t go. It is a long story so you can expect a full-length blog post on it. The summary, two the Portuguese government had no idea how hard it was going to be for East Africans to get visas to their country once they shut down visa operations in Kenya and a number of other African countries. It did however speak to consulates of its neighbouring countries but alas, diplomacy is a slow process. I’m glad they know and that senior most officials did their best, given their respective constraints. My thanks to the Italian and Portuguese foreign ministries. As well as the amazing Sandboxers who stood by down to the wire. Though here’s a video from the TransAmerica Expedition that they just launched from the last get together at Kundavi in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Speaking Calendar Filling Up

I’ve taken on public speaking since last year following conference engagements in Sweden, Norway and a speaking tour in Germany towards the end of the year.

The big news is I’ll be back in Germany in a few months giving a keynote at re:publica 2012. I’m really excited and will be sharing more on this in the coming weeks. Locally, here’s what my calendar looks like:

As far as local workshops, trainings and seminars I’ve got a number planned but at the moment they are all in-house. As always, if you’re keen on my speaking services I’m represented in Kenya by Speak to Africa ~wendy(at) if it’s an international client/appointment, get in touch directly: hello(at)


Tech Direct: Kenyan Technology News, Analysis and Device Review

I recently started hosting a video podcast technology show called Tech Direct. Look out for more product reviews, technology news and highlights on what’s cutting on this side of the Sahara as far as tech. I’ve put both my review of the Samsung Galaxy Note the GS2, Android apps I recommend and below is a 2012 African Tech Trend Briefing I did with Mbugua Njihia.


Reason this side has been a little quiet has been I’ve been doing most of my writing on Afrinnovator, AfricanDigitalArt and more importantly working on some admin issues for both. Afrinnovator’s getting some great things ready for this year, having celebrated 2nd anniversary some weeks ago. As for ADA, we just hosted an incredible workshop on Design for Social Innovation with Poptech! Vice Chair and renowned communication strategist Cheryl Heller at the iHub this past Saturday.

What To Look Forward To

Expect a lot more in the social media area as well as digital thinking. I’ve been penning some articles, the first of which goes into my column for Marketing Africa magazine, the next of which appears as a series here on the blog. The hype machine behind Kenya right now is doing a great job of positioning globally, but there are some pitfalls and areas no one may be pointing out. Also I starred in the next version of Stocktown when my buddies Teddy Goitom and Benjamin Taft were here filming it. Look out for the documentary and in the meantime, check out one video they shot with Antoneosoul below.

And not forgetting you.

If you’d like to see a topic covered, analysed and question solved. You can drop me an email, mention me on Twitter or write me in the comments below.

2012. It’s here.

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