Sketchnotes: My Experiment With A Moleskine

There’s a bunch of professional artists who are invited to conferences like TED, SxSW and many others just so they can make sketches and do the work of retelling the speaker’s talk through “sketchnotes”. Many times these are done in Moleskine notebooks.  The likes of Mike Rohde and Flickr’s even got a whole set of awesome artists to look at.

One local-ish example that I remember and really liked was when I saw Talya Goldberg’s sketches from Tech4Africa in Johannesburg last year.

I’m a Fellow at The Sinapis Group this year and part of that has me sitting in a classroom environment a few hours a week with 7 other great entrepreneurs and going through the basics and some advanced material in customer development, lean startups and business in general.

I made some sketches in the last Introduction to Accounting class I went to and this was the result.

Mark Kaigwa Moleskine Sketch Visual Storytelling I Mark Kaigwa Visual Storytelling Sketch Moleskine Mark_Kaigwa_Visual_Storytelling_Moleskine_Sketch

Thanks to Aika at The ARK for the photos.