Infographic: Facebook Statistics for Business [+Bonus Video]

Facebook: “can live with it, can’t live without it.” Fast Company released this infographic of numbers and figures behind popular social network Facebook. And at a current valuation of over $70 Billion, it’s not hard to see why the social network’s success at world domination is evident. See for yourself.


The numbers in brief:

Facebook has 610,736,920 MEMBER PROFILES. That’s once for every ELEVEN people on the planet.

EVERY 60 SECONDS ON FACEBOOK, USERS send 230,000 messages, update 95,000 statuses, write 80,000 wall posts, tag 65,000 photos, share 50,000 links—and affirm or disparage them all with half a million comments.

Each month, the average user creates 90 pieces of content and spends 6 hours, 2 minutes,and 59 seconds on the site.

Analysts estimate that Facebook pulled in $1.86 BILLION in advertising in 2010. That’s expected to grow 118% this year, to $4 billion

Facebook takes a 30% cut of all revenue generated through its virtual currency, Facebook Credits. Virtual goods for sale on the site make up an estimated $835 MILLION market.

Brands with the MOST fans on Facebook: Coca-Cola (21.6 million),Starbucks (19 million), Oreo (16.2 million), Disney (15.6 million), and Red Bull (14.7 million).

To put all that in context, here’s a Facebook video infographic project exploring the impact of Facebook on our everyday lives.

Video by Jean-Jacques Parys. Thanks to Chris Rawlinson for the find.

Which leads us to the question then, Is 21st century life without Facebook impossible? Discuss. [20 Marks]

  • Rose Croatia

    it is possible living without fb. i don’t have an account, and i’m happy with that.