Firefly Millward Brown’s Social Media Statistics & Insight into Scangroup’s Digital Approach For Kenya

East African Communications giant ScanGroup’s made some interesting business investments and partnerships in communications and moreso in digital and online over the past couple of years. They started out in late 2009 with the launch of Squad Digital, a joint-venture between Scangroup and leading Indian digital marketing and technology businesses Smile Interactive Technology Group, and Quasar, part of WPP Digital. Founded and only until recently led by Kamal Krishna, who’s since been appointed Head of Ops at AgencyDigi back in India.

Under the leadership of Bharat Thakrar, under the WPP umbrella they’ve made a host of investments including the most recent deal that saw ScanGroup buying into Ogilvy Africa as well as tipping the scales locally firmly in their favour with the acquisition of Ogilvy East Africa as part of that deal. Closer to home, the change of Scanad PR to Hill & Knowlton, the inception of Millward Brown into the market, among other strategic partnerships.

Most recently  I attended the launch of Firefly Millward Brown, a qualitative research house focused on digital. They had a bunch of stats which I gave an attempt at visualizing below.

Their social media survey was carried across 15 countries and included some local insight, some of which is below.


One of the things they bring into the market are their signature tools and methodologies. I’m a sucker for some good research and some of the tools and global insight they bring would be interesting to see adapted for the local market.

I’m keen to see what they bring to the table as far as Trendspotting and Shopper Marketing among their offerings. Instant Grass has been in the market and doing that for the past few years through their approach of youth peer influencers and word-of-mouth approach. Besides that I’m keen to have a look at their IdeaBlog product and see what it offers both for the market and for companies as far as crowdsourcing, especially how it compares to other online and SaaS based options.

Chris Githaiga leads up Millward BrownThe team’s led up by Kate Davidson, with Rakesh Kumar heading up things for Africa Middle East & Asia Pacific. Caroline Maina and Salomo Njomo as Senior Research Execs.

What do you make of the stats and the entrance of the research house into the market?


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