3 Reasons Why I’m Singing The National Anthem Today. #Kenya28Feb

From its inception, I noted Kenya28Feb transform from a discourse gone awry about ethnic backgrounds (which was pronounced dead in the water by my buddy Kachwanya) to what it is now. A simple call-to-action to stand together for our country. Here are my reasons to sing:

It’s Simple
If you’ve can tell the time and you can sing/speak/sign you’re in. You can participate alongside your fellow Kenyans and sing the national anthem.

It’s A Start
Journey of a thousand miles starting with a single step and all other Confucius sayings considered, the problem of the initial discussion was there wasn’t any unity of purpose, at present all Kenyans know we grew up with the anthem and we know it give or take a few stanzas.

It Will Succeed
Succeed at what? Succeed for Who? Let’s face it, when was the last time Kenyans agreed on anything, let alone to sing the national anthem at the same time. By no means are we a disenfranchised people, but its been rare to hear of a moment when we’ve got the opportunity to make a statement to ourselves that the frayed edges of the flag still mean something to us.

I could differ, argue and philosophise the protagonists and antagonists arguments (and I welcome your view in the comments) but that’s exactly what’s held us back from(among other things, progress).

I adored what Sara Mitaru had to say here.

So I’ve spoken to the people volunteering behind Kenya28Feb the past couple of weeks and we’ve seen as its got a fair bit of press around it so its success is that it may just be the beginning of a statement Kenyans make. That notwithstanding, whoever takes responsibility for it and claims whatever honours and/or affiliates a political agenda behind it remains to be seen.

I saw a tweet by somebody past couple of days (can’t recall who, clue me in the comments if you know) and I’ll paraphrase.

Doesn’t matter if Kenya28Feb trends on our timelines, it’s more important it trends in our hearts.

I’ll be singing today, will you?

I’ll sing. For my country. I love my country and its national anthem, and besides, it’s the least I could do.

  • http://www.kaboro.com Kaboro

    My biggest issue is that there is no way forward… A journey of a thousand miles begin’s with one step, if you know where you are going. Otherwise, it’s an “afternoon stroll”.

    It’s symptomatic of the problems that ail this nation. We ‘re-carpet’ roads, without re-doing the foundation. But the road looks smooth, right?

    We are going to feel good for all of 3 minutes. Patriotic. Proud. But if it takes a twitter campaign to get you to know the words of the national anthem and loyalty pledge, after 16 years of schooling where they were in your daily routine, then the indictment is on the individual. The biggest question we should be asking is how and why we got to this level…

    Additionally, I wish I could see *one* more step after this e.g. a kenyan history literacy project, for us to understand where we came from as a nation, a patriotism movement, something, anything…

    • http://www.mark.co.ke Mark

      I agree with you Phares, and I think your suggestion is a valid one. But the simplicity of this is also it’s volatility.

      But at least for this beginning I’m more comfortable knowing I know some of the people behind it and their integrity. This may or may not be disproven, but I’m an optimist and got plenty of benefit of the doubt to give. Think we’ll sing, look at each other and figure it out. Forgive my naïveté :)

  • http://shikomsa.com Shiko-Msa

    I’m singing already! Its a strong prayer.

  • allan

    this is the begining of the youths future success!! that success being solely pegged on the outcome of the mass hysteria that results.

    • Mark

      You mean like Egypt/Tunisia, etc?

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  • http://WebsiteURL Mswati

    Kenya Feb28 is like … spraying doom on a malaria patient.

    • Mark

      Well said, but in this case I’d rather be spraying doom on a malaria patient than watching them stay covered in bugs…

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