A Year Older. A Year Wiser.

A year older.

A year wiser.

I pray the latter has played true.

I’ve been fortunate and blessed. I’ve been given room and a safe environment to make mistakes. Because of this, I succeed. I’ve been far from perfect, but those around me have more than made up for it (strangers and friends alike) I’ve been trusted with the opportunity to speak to others as well as speak for others and I’m thankful for that.

I’ve received the hospitality, good favour, goodwill and respect of some great people and earned friendships of many others. I have also fallen out of touch with many and put work and other priorities before relationships that meant much to me. I continue to learn and seek balance.

I’ve felt the grace of a loving God. I’ve sought room and been given it. I’ve lost my head and found it. I’ve acted, reacted and sought the counsel of good people. I am imperfect but hopefully accountable.

And even still, despite me, I have been able to achieve some successes in my life this far. My greatest success being the network of amazing people I’m privileged to call mentors, confidants, friends, peers and acquaintances.

I pray and hope my best remains ahead of me and that I’ll grow smarter and of better service to those around me. To you.

One year older.

One year wiser.

My prayer remains that the latter plays true, and I stay useful and meaningful to you.

Thank you.

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