Tips for Better Ideas – Techlightenment Tuesday

The process of coming up with good ideas or ideation as it’s known is a skill that few possess in abundance. The existence of creative directors, copywriters, art directors, writers, poets, sculptors and the entire creative economy testify to this.

In Kenya it’s not much different. Though it can be argued that since the Scangroup Ogilvy acquisition (and to some extent for some time before that) creativity in advertising hit a plateau. One of my favourite new Twitter follows is @LeeClowsBeard very poignant and succinct commentary on advertising. He put it really well:

“While anyone can be creative, real creatives can be nothing but. Lucky us.” ~ @LeeClowsBeard

dont fall in love with your first idea

This is my favourite of all the messages in the video.

So what does it take to come up with better ideas? I think a combination of good understanding, lateral thinking, persistence and actually executing ideas. I’m quite the believer in the 99 percent: “it’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen.”

With social media these days and the buzz around all the technology and what i can do taking focus it’s certain that how creative you are with your audience will inevitably serve as a performance indicator in the future.

What do you think the Kenyan creative industry needs to bounce back into healthy competition and creativity? Or go ahead and disagree on everything I’ve said thus far, I want to hear from you.

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